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KNS Precision AR15 .170 Non-Rotating Hammer & Trigger Pins


For Colt .170 diameter. Anti-spin & anti-creep retainers prevent all wear on your AR15 or M16 receiver. Anti-creep retainers are removable for lubricant injection. Pin installation tool & 2 allen wrenches included. No modification to gun is required.

Geissele Single-Stage Precision (SSP) Flat Bow


The Single-Stage Precision (SSP) is Geissele Automatics’ first true single-stage trigger for the AR Platform. This drop-in trigger has no take up and a super clean break. The reset is short yet still distinct, giving excellent feedback to the shooter during target engagement. Combining these two capabilities provides the shooter with the confidence necessary when precision and accuracy are essential for the task at hand.

LR - 308 - 4 Pound Solid Straight Timney Trigger WITH DPMS Lower Receiver Parts Kit


Timney Tigger / DPMS Combo Kits - includes all of the parts required to assemble your stripped lower or to rebuild your completed LR 308 receiver.

FOSTECH Echo Sport Trigger


The Echo Sport Trigger from Fostech provides the same pull-and-release firing functionality of the original Fostech Echo AR-II Trigger, but the controls have been modified to eliminate the use of the 3rd safety selector position. Instead, a control paddle in front of the trigger guard moves side to side to select single fire or Echo firing modes. Same functionality, but at a significantly lower price. You will need a full auto bolt carrier in your firearm for the Echo Sport to function.

Geissele Super Configurable Safety With Dog-Leg Levers


The Geissele Super Configurable Safety with Dog-Leg Levers is a high quality, ambidextrous replacement for the mil-spec safety in your carbine. The levers are easily swappable and exchangeable with other Geissele levers to find the perfect fit, look and comfort for your desired operation. The levers are held in place by an internal set screw, making sure they remain securely attached during hard use and mitigating possibility of misplacing or losing an attachment screw during cleaning or servicing of your carbine.

Geissele Ambi Posi-Snap Safety Selector


The Geissele Posi-Snap Ambidextrous safety is made from 400 series stainless steel, and features Geissele’s Posi-Snap design that offers a very positive and tactile feel as the safety snaps into position when engaged by the operator. The Geissele Posi-Snap Ambidextrous safety greatly improves longevity and performance over its mil-spec counterpart.

Magpul AR Enhanced Magazine Release


The Magpul AR Enhanced Magazine Release provides an enlarged contact surface for quick and fumble-free magazine changes.

With easy bolt-on installation with no gunsmithing required, the Enhanced AR Magazine Release is made of Mil-Spec hard anodized aluminum to provide durability and light weight.

Made in the USA.

Geissele Hi-Speed National Match - Trigger Set


Hi-Speed National Match Triggers
Geissele Automatics adjustable triggers are specially designed for competition, hunting, tactical, and military use, where both accuracy and robustness are critical. As an adjustable trigger, the first and second stage weight distribution, as well as, total pull weight, over-travel, and sear engagement are all to be tuned to the shooters preference.