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Caldwell Brass Catcher AR-15 Picatinny Rail Mount


The Caldwell Picatinny Rail Brass Catcher offers a convenient, consistent and easy to use method of collecting brass while shooting at the range. Unlike traditional brass catchers that attach using a non-adjustable, flimsy wire frame and one hook-&-loop fastener strap, this variant from Caldwell mounts securely to an AR-15 or AR-10 rifle equipped with a Picatinny rail system via a 2-piece aluminum clamp. This brass catcher's frame and clamp are fully adjustable to fit rifles equipped with a variety of optics. Several integral detent locks within the frame can accommodate rifle receivers of varying thicknesses. The brass catcher's nylon mesh bag is heat resistant and features a zipper on the bottom for easy removal of trapped brass. The brass catcher can hold up to 100 empty 5.56x45mm or 223 Rem cases.

  • Mounts to any AR-15 rifle with a flat top or picatinny rail hand guard
  • Compatible with most AR-10/LR-308 models as well
  • Fully adjustable, mounts virtually anywhere on a picatinny rail
  • Quick two piece system with detent locking
  • Heat resistant mesh wont melt